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The range of materials currently available to signmakers is vast and, with the development of new products and technologies, it continues to expand at an exponential rate.

Many things will influence the choice of materials used in your sign, not least of these is your corporate image and colours, the design concept and the visual effect that the designer is trying to achieve. However, on a more practical level, the selection of materials used will be affected by several other factors. These include where the sign is to be located, prevailing weather conditions and how it will be fixed or mounted. These choices will be further constrained by the life expectancy of the sign, durability of materials and ongoing maintenance costs. All of which you need to discuss with your signmaker. If you expect to use your sign for many years, you will want to be sure the sign is constructed from durable materials and that you can afford to keep it in good condition. A dilapidated sign will not do your business any favours.

This extends beyond the materials used in the ‘graphic’ elements of the sign to those used in support structures and foundations. Other factors to influence the choice of materials will include environmental impact, carbon footprint and the ability to recycle materials.

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