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The BSGA Sign Buyers Guide     The Importance of good signage

Signage as Marketing                   The right sign for your business

Finding a signmaker                     Sign types and Materials

Wayfinding Signage                      Selection of materials

Standards                                          Lighting

Budgets                                             Planning Regulations

The requirements for the design and construction of signs are contained in British Standard BS559* – Specification for the design and construction of signs for publicity, decorative and general purposes.

The Standard covers many aspects of the design and construction of signs and within the text reference is made to a number of other British and European Standards.

As part of the BSGA Rules of Membership, the BSGA require that our Members adhere to the requirements of British Standard BS559.

* BS559 does not apply to road traffic signs, safety signs or fire safety signs. These are covered by other Standards such as BS8442, BS/EN 12899 and BS5499.

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