The British Sign & Graphics Association has released the following Guidance notes which are available to members to download in the members area of the site

Guidance Note 2018.02.01:         HSE Enforcement Policy Statement

The BSGA Council considers that this document should be placed in the Members’ Area of the BSGA website so that all BSGA Members have access to the principles under which HSE consider issuing enforcement notices. It is hoped that this provides guidance and a clearer understanding of how HSE go about their duties as a servant of industry and under which they justify their actions.


Guidance Note 2018.02.02: Earthing of Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs made with a metal enclosure and mains supply voltage (e.g. metal box sign, built up metal letter, etc.), which do not have double insulation must be earthed. Any box sign or letter made with an extra low voltage supply (SELV) of less than 50 Volts is not required to be earthed.


Guidance Note 2018.03.01: Banksman and Slingsman/Signallers

In the sign industry, the use of banksmen and slingers/signallers will affect sign installers and sign companies that install in the main, totems and monoliths and in any case where Hiabs or cranes are used. Training for employees and sub contracted operatives involved in this activity is a priority.

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