Want to maximise your ROI when it comes to your retail signage? Then these are the four critical elements of great signs that will reflect that investment on your bottom line.

  1. Legibility

It’s as simple as this – if your customers can’t read your sign, then they don’t know who you are, where you are and what’s on offer. Make your signs easy to read by using high contrast colours and non-reflective backgrounds. Get this right and you’ll increase your ROI by attracting new customers.

  1. Information

It doesn’t have to be complex – in fact, the simpler and more direct your message, the better. Pique your customers’ interest with strong and consistent signs that invite them over the threshold.

  1. Aesthetics

No one likes an ugly sign and that’s likely to be reflected in your ROI. Work with your designer to create a core suite of attractive and appealing signs that lift your design game by that significant fraction that impacts on ROI.

  1. Create unique signage

No one wants to see copycat signage. Customers are looking for something fresh, positive and unique, so contact us at The Sussex Sign Company for ideas for creating killer London signage.


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