If you want to create a dynamic suite of signage for your retail premises, school or hotel, then it stands to reason that you need a dynamic and creative company. But if there’s a lack of communication, then even the most forward looking company can disappoint. Here’s how to get the best out of your sign company.

Work to the same goal

While you may have a great concept for your signage design, it’s important to work with your sign maker to create the best final product. A good sign company knows the impact that colours, typefaces and materials can have on the finished design, and will work with you to create a finished product with the biggest impact. So make the most of their specialist knowledge to work towards the same goal.

Up to date knowledge

Your sign company should have samples of their work to help you work through the design process and choose the best materials and effects for the finished sign. If your sign company isn’t on top of the latest methods, materials and processes and knowledgeable about their potential use, then you’re not getting the best possible service.

Does your sign maker have a great website?

There should be plenty of examples of the work your chosen maker has previously undertaken on their website. This serves as an important aid for you in visualising how your sign will look in position, and serves as inspiration for tweaking the design to create a unique effect. If your sign company dosen’t have photos on their website and can’t supply you with any visual evidence of their work, or communicate their passion for good design to you in anyway, you need to steer clear.

The best result for your budget

Really good sign makers aren’t looking to make a quick profit – they’re looking to develop a lasting relationship with you. If your sign company offers solutions like recovering your old signs rather than recommending new ones, then give the idea consideration. After all, several sign making materials like aluminium and steel are robust and long lasting and your signs may only need the existing graphic updating.

Integrated services

Do you need a sign company who can take the entire process of creating wayfinding signage or a vinyl wrap for a car from design sketch to installation and beyond? Then look for a sign company that offers integrated services across the entire process of design, manufacture and installation. That way, your signage will stay consistent across your store and your fleet of vehicles, boosting brand recognition and engaging new customers.

Keep communication open

Both you and your sign maker want your signage to be as outstanding as possible, and there’s no better way to achieve the best return on your investment than through a process of communication and collaboration every step of the way.

At The Sussex Sign Company, we can supply eye-catching signs, including built up letters with a variety of LED illumination effects, that are designed to get your business noticed. Visit our website to find out more about our integrated services and to read our case studies, then contact us to find out how we can create a signage suite for you, better still call us today on 01273 424900 to see how we can help.

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